Hold The Phone! Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Leaving American Idol, He’s Actually About To Sign A Brand New Contract For How Long?!?

ryan seacrest isnt leaving idol hes signing on for moreeee

Ooooh! So those rumors earlier were only KIND of true!

We reported earlier that Ryan Seacrest was apparently “dying” to end his time on American Idol after being on the show for 13 years but this isn’t true!

In fact, the only duties he plans on leaving behind are his E! award show hosting obligations!

But he has absolutely NO plans of leaving the singing competition show, in fact he’s apparently about to sign a deal for TWO more years!

Reports are saying:

“Seacrest is close to making a new deal to remain with Fox’s Idol for two more years as well…Though the time commitment and intense travel schedule can prove problematic for someone trying to juggle as many jobs as he is, Seacrest has been loyal to the singing competition that catapulted his career more than a decade ago and that has provided him a significant weekly platform in the years since.”

WHOA! Sounds like Ryan’s life is about to get VERRRY busy even if he is leaving one of his duties behind!

But, really, he’s Ryan Seacrest so what do we expect, he’s ALWAYS got a bunch of projects going on!

We wouldn’t expect anything different!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

Apr 18, 2014 6:14pm PDT

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