Nancy Grace’s Coverage Of Ultimate Warrior’s Death P*ssed Off WWE So Bad, They’re Banning Wrestlers From Doing Her Show! Watch The Clip HERE!

The list of Nancy Grace’s enemies just got longer!

Earlier this week she found herself feuding with Seth Rogen and now it’s the entire WWE that she’s pissed off!

The HLN host covered the recent death of legendary wrestler Ultimate Warrior. But rather than a touching tribute to the athlete and entertainer, Grace insinuated it was drug use that killed Warrior!

On her show that evening was Diamond Dallas Page, who tried to convince Grace that she was barking up the wrong tree blaming his death on drug and steroid use.

But did that stop her? Uh uh!

Grace even welcomed a doctor onto the program who had never treated Ultimate Warrior but speculated that he suffered a heart attack, brought on by anabolic steroids!

Sources say WWE was beyond offended and have now put a stranglehold on any other wrestlers from EVER appearing on her show again!


Nancy might be on to something though. She included a list of countless wrestlers who died at a very young age. If it is a common occurrence, what’s WWE explanation? Is she wrong to speculate in that direction?

Ch-ch-check out Nancy Grace’s coverage of Ultimate Warrior (above)!

Was she out of line?

Apr 18, 2014 11:31am PDT

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