Sleep Apnea & Cancer! A New Study Suggests One Almost ALWAYS Leads To The Other! See The Shocking Statistics HERE!

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Researchers in Australia are publishing some startling figures today after a 20 year study that tracked the cases of cancer found in patients with sleep apnea!

They discovered that people with sleep apnea are 340% more likely to die of cancer than those without it!

And the alarming numbers don’t end there!

They also determined that those with the condition are also two and a half times more likely to develop cancer!

But why?!?

Researchers believe it’s because sleep apnea deprives the human body of oxygen, which encourages tumor growth in tissue.

People who suffer from the disorder have interrupted breathing during the night, which is often treated with a CPAP mask, which connects to a machine that generates added air pressure, keeping the patient’s airways open during sleep.

Hopefully wearing such a device will reduce these cancer risks. As conclusive as those involved believe their study to be, other experts warn that more research is necessary.

We certainly hope doctors can come up with a way to help those who suffer some sleep apnea and prevent them from ever getting cancer!

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Apr 19, 2014 2:01pm PDT

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