Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Lawsuit Rages On! Judge Dismisses Fraud Claims — A Huge Blow For LiLo!

lindsay lohan leggings battle lawsuit

Remember when Lindsay Lohan had that short-lived line of leggings under the 6126 collection moniker??

As a refresher, LiLo and 6126 (aka Marilyn Monroe‘s birthday) sued their distributer DNAM Apparel Industries last January for fraud, breach of trademark, and copyright infringement—asking for $1.1 million in damages from the failed line.

But according to new court documents, the judge dismissed the fraud charges on April 14, before even taking it to trial!!

DNAM filed a counterclaim against Lindz in May of 2013, claiming that her jail time and rehab stints when the leggings were on sale hurt the brand immensely and SHE was actually at fault!

This, along with the fraud dismissal, caused 6126 managing member Kristi Kaylor to insist that the brand was unsuccessful because of their faulty business practices, and not because of the starlet’s behavior.

In a sworn statement, she said:

“Lindsay’s personal issues had nothing to do with the loss of business. Prior to the license agreement being signed, Lindsay had two well-documented arrests and stays in rehab and the 6126 line flourished. The first year of the license agreement with DNAM the line did 2.3 million sales. It was [DNAM’s] production problems and accepting bank wires for international orders and never shipping the goods nor returning the money that plagued the line. Lindsay promoted the line and performed all her obligations under the license agreement.”

Additionally, she accused DNAM of ripping off both 6126 and popular line Bebe, because she caught them using 6126 designs and putting in Bebe labels!

There’s no final ruling on any of these matters just yet, but the legal saga should come to a close sooner rather than later.

And all over leggings?! HUUURRRUMPH!

[Image via Andres Otero/WENN.]

Apr 25, 2014 7:29pm PST

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