WHAT?! Woman’s Belly Button ‘EXPLODES’ On An Airplane Thanks To A Faulty Tummy Tuck!

Patricia Jackson faced an embarrassing situation on a flight thanks to a botched surgery!

In a headline that sounds too strange to possibly be real, a woman’s belly button ruptured on a flight thanks to a faulty surgery!

But before we get to that, let’s start at the very beginning! Back in 2005, Patricia Jackson decided to have a tummy tuck after she lost some weight and wanted to get rid of some of the excess skin.

However, they were unable to make a new belly button for her because there was not enough material leftover. While this isn’t exactly uncommon, someone fudged up BIG time and left parts of her old belly button inside her!

When Patricia went to get a checkup a year later, her doctor realized something was definitely wrong! She reveals:

“For the first year after the operation, everything was fine and I went to work as normal. However, I was due for a yearly check-up and it was during this time that the surgeon was concerned about the scarring because it looked quite bad. It didn├óΓé¼Γäót really bother me but he admitted me to hospital overnight.”

It was later determined that her scar had been infected, which was treated with antibiotics and Patricia was eventually sent home.

But the complications didn’t stop there, as she began experiencing pain and noticed a horrible smelling discharge leaking from her wounds! Patricia saw several specialists about it, but they all assumed it was due to an infected stitch.

Now lets fast forward to 2011, when she decided to take a nice vacation to Portugal! Everything seemed to be going fine, but on the flight back home, her belly button suddenly burst which caused major leaking and a foul smell to spread throughout the plane!

Once she landed, Patricia went straight to a NEW doctor who properly diagnosed her misplaced belly button, and stitched her up!

Luckily, there was a happy ending as she was later awarded more than $37,000 from her original surgeon as compensation for the botched surgery!

That’s not bad, but does it really make up for the years of pain she went through due to the mistake? Oh, and did we mention her stomach exploded on a plane? OUCH!

May 3, 2014 2:01pm PDT

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