Johnny Weir And Victor Voronov Divorce Drama OVER! They’re Back Together! For Now At Least…

Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov are back together after all that divorce drama!! Hooray!

Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov have had a rough few months.

First, out of nowhere, they were breaking up. There were allegations of cheating, a forced outing, and more!

Then they decided to call off the divorce, on one big condition…

But those rumors were quickly squashed by more rumors they weren’t getting back together, even though there was information saying otherwise.

Then came the realization that they really weren’t going to reconcile. Victor even aired all of his grievances against Johnny to Inside Edition!

Well now, finally, we might be at the end of this long saga and it looks like…

They’re together! The divorce is off! There’s no longer any trouble in paradise!

We believe it because Johnny himself tweeted out:

It feels like this saga isn’t fully over, but we hope they prove us wrong!

Johnny’s head and heart seem to be in a good place though, with him later tweeting:

We’re so glad they’re back together and just so happy!

We hope it lasts forever.

If their relationship can make it through all that drama, they can DEF go the distance!

May 6, 2014 1:45pm PDT

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