Dr. Dre Selling Beats For $3.2 BILLION To Apple!?!? Will He Use That Cash To Buy The Clippers??

dre dre reportedly selling beats electronics apple 3 point 2 billion dollars

Holy habaneros, this deal is HOT!!!!

Reports are surfacing that Apple is “closing in” on Beats Electronics from Dr. Dre and they’re rumored to be paying a sum so hefty we can barely comprehend it — $3.2 billion! Yeah, that’s billion with a “B”!

Beats by Apple?! Whaaaaaaaaat!?


We always assumed the Beats CEO was a M.D. or maybe had a PhD in, ahem, herbal medicines, but Dre MUST be a doctor of economics because he’s about to make BANK!

Speaking of which, $3,200,000,000 could certainly buy him a lot of chronic, but maybe the Let Me Ride rapper wants to let his payday ride on something else!?

We told you after the awful Donald Sterling scandal went down that the good doc was interested in buying El Lay’s other basketball team, the Clippers, and this just might be how he does it!!!

Wow, the 49-year-old (almost) billionaire might even be able to pay in cash, LOLz!!

May 8, 2014 9:08pm PDT

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