Solange Has A History Of Jay Z-Inspired Tantrums!!! See The Time Beyonc├â┬⌐’s Sister Took Out Her Talons On TV!!

solange fox 5 interview music angry rant jay z beyonce video watch here

Was the recently leaked post-Met Gala melee just the tip of Solange‘s fury-frosted iceberg???


We unearthed a local news interview starring the other Knowles sister and, once again, Solange freaks the fudge out!

Apparently outraged by a mention of Beyonc├â┬⌐ and Jay Z, she rants about how rude it is for was the interviewer to bring up her brother-in-law and his “establishment.”

Only thing is, no one even brought Jay up!

Ch-ch-check out the outrageous Fox5 interview…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Wowzers! What a bizarrely angry blast from the past!

Why were you so mad, gurl?? There are enough spotlights in the world to illuminate you AND Queen Bey!!!

May 12, 2014 9:07pm PDT

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