Solange Is Deleting Beyoncé From Her Life (& Instagram) After The Met Gala After Party Elevator Brawl With Jay Z?!?

solange deleting all pictures of beyonce on instagram proof

Well, this would certainly be innneresting… if only it were true!

Reports have been popping up following the Met Gala after party elevator brawl with Jay Z, that Solange took to her Instagram to delete all traces of her big sister Beyoncé!

And it TOTALLY seemed that way if you took a quick scan through her page!

However it’s completely and totally FALSE!

Solange didn’t post pictures of her and Queen Bey in the FIRST place AND if you look at all the pictures on her Insta, there are TWO different snaps of the sisters on it (below)!

So, did she forget to delete those two? Yeah RIGHT! It’s more likely that she didn’t delete ANY!

Oh, AND most importantly, Solange is definitely STILL following Beyonce!

If we’ve learned ANYTHING about celeb feuds it’s that is the number ONE way to show that your cat claws are OUT and ready to fight!

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if we’ll ever get an official statement about what happened!

But for now, rest easy BeyHive, these two sisters are still on good (Instagram) terms!

[Image via Solange/Instagram.]

May 13, 2014 11:55am PDT

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