Hero Janitor Rescues $100K From The Clutches Of A Clogged Toilet! But Did He Keep The Poop-Encrusted Cash??

australian janitor Chamindu Amarsinghe finds 100000 cash toilet magistrate awards him 81k three years later

For most folks cleaning toilets is a crappy job, but don’t tell that to Chamindu Amarsinghe.

The young man was cleaning up bathrooms in a Dockland, Australia office building back in August of 2011 when he hit the janitorial jackpot!

See, the professional potty cleaner entered a backed-up stall — likely expecting to find a fecal floater, or a slippery sh*t snake, or maybe a corn-infused Chipotle caca — and discovered something totally unexpected!

Chamindu found $100,000 in Aussie cash stuffed into the toilet!!!! Whaaaat? That’s cray!!! What a wonderfully disgusting windfall of soggy smackeroos!

So, what did the dude do next?

Why, the most honest thing possible! He notified his boss about all the dough stuffed down the dookie drain, and his boss in turn notified the local PD!

Well, fast forward three years. The investigation surrounding the found money has finally wrapped up and a local magistrate has decided to reward the honest janitor — who has since worked at a fast food restaurant and enrolled in IT classes in New Zealand — for displaying such civic virtue!!

Yup, Chamindu was awarded $81,597 of the crap-covered cash and the rest will remain with the state.

Woo hoo! That’s ah-mazing!!! Hope really does float!!!

May 14, 2014 1:54am PDT

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