Whoever Sold The Solange & Jay Z Elevator Brawl Security Tape Is ROLLING In Cash Money Right Now!

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The video of Solange brawling with Jay Z was a gift to the world. But it wasn’t REALLY anyone’s to give.

An inside source says the Standard Hotel where it all went down is not happy about their closed circuit security video seeing the light of day! The source says:

“There are only a handful of people who’d have access to that tape. The Standard owns that tape.”

Then why would someone sell it? Besides making America smile ear to ear as we ordered pizza and watched it on a loop for four hours? Not money, no! Sh*tloads of money!!

Exactly how much? Let’s just say now that The Standard has hired lawyer Marty Singer to try to follow the trail, the thief better use it to buy $250,000 worth of bus tickets out of town! OK, it’s $250,000.

The source says:

“This was being shopped for five days to the highest bidder.”

No wonder it took so long for us to see it! Here we thought it was priceless, but we’re glad someone was willing to part with a quarter mil to make us so happy!

Of course, it may not end up being the best deal for the seller! They could be in big trouble if The Standard manages to track them down! On a positive note for them, it doesn’t look like they’ll have to deal with the Beygency any time soon. The source says:

“Once it was out, Jay Z’s people felt they couldn’t control it. They were reluctant to try and publicly fight this.”

Sounds Like Jay himself in that elevator! LOLz!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

May 14, 2014 1:59pm PST

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