Watch Michael Jackson Help This Kid Win His High School Talent Show With The Most AH-Mazing Dance Moves You’ve Ever Seen!

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Either this kid paid to have Michael Jackson’s feet surgically attached to his body… or he’s one of the most incredible dancers we’ve EVER seen!

Okay, so it’s probably the latter, but we still can’t get over just how awesome this high school student’s moves are!

Brett Nichols is the name of this talented show-stopper who KILLED IT at his school’s talent show with a rendition of MJ’s Billie Jean!

He’s got the hat, the single white glove, the loafers!

But it’s when he actually starts to move that Brett BECOMES Michael! It took our breath away, as well as everyone in that gymnasium!

Nichols explained he learned how to dance like the King of Pop by watching his old videos on YouTube!

He admits:

“YouTube came around and you could find all the videos and songs I remembered hearing. Then it was possible to see the choreography, it inspired me. And then I thought, ‘why isn’t this something I can’t do.’ Then it was practice, practice, watch, learn and take notes.├óΓé¼┬¥

Brett is a bit of a perfectionist though and says his kicks still need some work!

Um…not at all, dude! This performance was PERFECT if you ask us!

But, seeing as how Brett is only a junior, he’ll be ready with a new routine in next year’s talent show at Pitman High School!

Ch-ch-check out the video that will leave you speechless (below)! Brett’s performance starts up around the 1:10 mark, but watch the whole thing to see all the other talented kids as well!

May 22, 2014 12:41pm PDT

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