Eric Stonestreet & Gene Simmons KISS And Make Up? See Their “Apologetic” Tweets HERE!

eric stonestreet kiss gene simmons paul stanley twitter feud over mother plane incident

Eric Stonestreet is ready to kiss and make up with “makeup wearing f**ks” KISS!

The Modern Family star took to Instagram on Wednesday after hearing that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley had given his mother a hard time on a flight.

But the KISS rockers were quick to defend themselves. First Gene tweeted:

Then Paul and Eric got in touch directly to clear the air. They tweeted:

Eventually, Eric must have gotten Gene’s side of the story as well because later he tweeted:

Well, it sounds like it WAS just a miscommunication. Or maybe someone was exaggerating a bit?

But — WAIT — it doesn’t seem like that AT ALL because Eric tweeted shortly after:

Yikes! The last thing we want to see is a fight between KISS and Fizbo the Clown-oh-wait-that’s EXACTLY what we want to see!

Oh well! We hope this issue gets sorted soon!

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[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

May 29, 2014 5:04pm PDT

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