Sadsies! Eva Longoria’s SHe Steakhouse In Las Vegas Closed FOREVER!

eva longoria resturarnt ashut down

Eva Longoria must be so upset! Her Las Vegas steakhouse is forever closed!

Her lady friendly steakhouse, SHe, opened early last year but was shut down by the Health Department in late April. They got a crazy 21 demerits for health code violations!!

Well we guess they weren’t able to recover from that because the establishment’s doors will never open again.

That means if you hadn’t been before, you’re gonna miss out on all the strange stuff they had to offer.

The desert menus had mirrors in them to help with the reapplication of lipstick and the food came in “He-Cuts,” “She-Cuts,” and “We-Cuts,” portion sizes. Eva doesn’t seem to have any sort of luck with her female-friendly business endeavors.

Her lady-friendly nightclub, also named SHe, closed only two months after opening.

Maybe she should give the business ventures a break for a minute, rethink some things. Or put all her efforts into ONE at a time!

Sorry Eva, better luck next time!

May 29, 2014 5:21pm PDT

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