Lena Dunham’s Dog Is A Pain In Her Butt! Literally!! See What Her Precious Pooch Did To Her Tush HERE!

Lena Dunham's dog Lamby really doesn\'t like to see her cry!!

Ouch! That looks pretty darn painful!

Lena Dunham has NEVER been shy about showing off her body on her hit show Girls, but a picture she shared on Instagram recently of her bloodied booty had us a bit concerned!!

The actress posted the photo of her caboose and wrote:

“My dog bit me on the ass and Jemima Kirke captured the image of a life time #hopelessromantic #therewillbeblood”

Yikes! What could have possibly caused her precious pooch Lamby to do such damage??

Luckily, Lena followed up her pic by taking to Twitter to let us know what could have caused the attack, writing:

Aww! We guess that’s kind of cute that Lamby REALLY doesn’t like to see Lena upset!

Hopefully next time he can come up with a way to cheer her up that wont get blood all over her underwear!

[Image via Instagram.]

May 29, 2014 5:11pm PDT

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