Is The World Cup Going To Lose One Of Its Sexiest Stars? Cristiano Ronaldo Sits Out Of Practice With A Knee Injury!

Is Cristiano Ronaldo in jeopardy of missing the 2014 World Cup??

Uh oh! It sounds like there’s a chance the 2014 World Cup is going to get a lot less sexy!!

The tournament officially kicked off yesterday as Brazil took down Croatia 3-1, but there’s already a lot of concern that one of soccers biggest stars in Cristiano Ronaldo might get sidelined before he even gets a chance to take the field!

The Portuguese forward had a noticeably short practice session yesterday and only trained with his team for about 20 minutes before he stretched by himself and signed some autographs for the fans. Afterwards, he was seen limping with ice strapped to his left knee.

Cristiano’s injury isn’t exactly anything new as he was already sidelined with tendinitis in his knee earlier, but some are starting to wonder if he’ll be 100% healthy by the time Portugal takes the field on Monday!

His teammate Joao Moutinho, however, says there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about:

“Ever since he started to train with us he has been 100 percent like the rest of us. Everything is fine with him but there is some caution, not only with him. Today many other players were using ice as well. There is nothing to worry about. The ice is normal after training.”

Losing one of the best soccer players in the world would definitely be a HUGE blow to Portugal, who looks to be a heavy contender in the tournament this year!

And of course, it would also be a huge blow to us fans who want to see Cristiano get all hot and sweaty on the field with the possibility of him ripping his shirt off after he scores a goal!

Luckily he has all weekend to rest up before his team takes on Germany on Monday, so hopefully he’ll be feeling better by then!

[Image via AP Images.]

Jun 13, 2014 11:20am PDT

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