Ashlee Simpson’s Son Bronx Has Gotten SO BIG!! You’ll Never Believe It!

ashlee simpsons son bronx has been a busy growing boy

He’s looking more like his parents everyday!

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson may not be together anymore, but they’ll always have their son Bronx to keep them together as solely loving parents!

And their five-year-old son has changed A LOT from when we last saw him!

The lil’ cutie was spotted with his mommy in Los Angeles at the E3 Convention this past Tuesday where the two got an exclusive look at the future of video games!

Bronx may have a new step-father soon as his mother Ashlee is engaged to Evan Ross, but we imagine Ashlee’s guys will get along very well!

How could anyone not love Bronx? He was cute as a lil’ guy, and he’s definitely cute as a bigger guy!

Look at Ashlee’s face. It’s obvious she’s so proud!

And she should be!!!

Stay cute, you two!!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

Jun 13, 2014 6:32pm PDT

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