Eva Longoria Says Kids Are NOT In Her Future!

eva longoria sez kids are not in her future

It’s not for everyone! And that’s okay!

Eva Longoria loves children, but the actress recently admitted that she has no plans on having any little ones of her own!

The actress revealed the news this past Wednesday at a special event over at the Brita Burbank YMCA.

Here’s what she said:

“It’s just not in my future.”

Although she didn’t go into any further detail about that subject, she did go on to say what she LOVES about kids! Especially the ones she saw that very day! She also wanted to impart a special lesson into their hearts.

Here’s what she said:

“With kids, I love their energy and spirit and innocence. It’s really important for us to be here today to talk to them about water because that stays with them. Water’s the original energy drink. Water is really good for you. Water can be fun.”

We absolutely agree that H20 is the way to go.

And as for Eva’s decision not to have children — that just gives her more time to meet and inspire other kids!

That way, she gets the kids during the good parts, and the parents can get them for everything else!


[Image via Apega/WENN.]

Jun 15, 2014 10:01am PDT

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