Gender Swapped Bikini Bods! What If Celebs Could Trade Faces For A Day At The Beach…

ashley green adrian grenier celeb bikini gender swp

Ever stare at a celebrity’s smoking hot beach bod and think, “Wow, they look amazing… I wonder what they’d look like with a different celebrity’s face though…”

Us too! So crazy! LOLz!

So, when a hunky guy has a sexy lady bod or a beautiful woman has a ripped man body… how does it make you feel??

Creeped out? Excited? Surprisingly turned on?

Us too! Check out these gender swapped beach bods (below)!

adrien grenier bikini body ashley greene

Well, Adrian Grenier certainly looks stunning in Ashley Greene’s yellow one-piece.

ashley greene bikini body adrien grenier

However, Ashley Greene with Adrian Grenier’s body looks a bit like a freaky Michael Jackson impersonator.

liev shribier bikini body leann rimes

Liev Schreiber has got one seriously bangin’ bod, courtesy LeAnn Rimes!

leann rimes bikini body liev shriber

LeAnn certainly looks like she’s having fun taking Liev’s buff bod out for a spin!

farrah abraham becomes andy cohen

Andy Cohen doesn’t seem to mind trading his huge muscles for Farrah Abraham’s fit frame as he attempts to pass a football to his old body.

andy cohen as farrah abraham

His old body totally isn’t ready to catch a pass though! Farrah is just enjoying being super jacked and walking out of the water in slow motion too much!

patrick schwarzengger with crystal hefner face

Crystal Hefner is enjoying her own version of a terrible Michael Jackson impersonator, while riding Patrick Schwarzenegger’s super jacked body!

patrick sscahrwennger on crystal harris body

Patrick Schwarzenegger on Crystal Hefner’s body is just straight up freaky.

[Images via WENN.]

Jun 17, 2014 5:16pm PDT

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