Katy Perry BLEACHES Her Brows And Rocks The Baby Wave! Love It Or Leave It??

katy perry baby hair bleached brows

Perhaps this kooky pop star has taken her song E.T. too far…

Because this selfie is extra-terrestrially out of this world!

Katy Perry took to Instagram on Wednesday, revealing an almost alien inspired look — complete with bleached out brows, slicked baby hairs and long metallic talons.

Miley Cyrus, and most recently, Kendall Jenner were seen rocking this bleached eyebrow-less look for photo shoots…

So we’re thinking the odd beauty treatment is for a sick editorial, as opposed to a new everyday style for the Roar songstress!

But then again, we never really know with KatyCat.

She’s been sporting some seriously slime green hair for many months now — so we know she’s not afraid of a risk!

So now, we ask U…


[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 19, 2014 11:28am PST

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