Rihanna Has Been Live Tweeting The World Cup & It’s FIFA Fabulous HIGHlarious! See Her 10 Best Tweets So Far HERE!

rihanna live tweet world cup

We’re not sure if the press or public has been blissfully unaware, or whatever — but Rihanna has been SLAYING while live tweeting the FIFA World Cup!


This bae has been all over the Twitter soccer f├â┬║tbol action like no one’s business, and we think her brazillant and very silly commentary needs to be heard.

She makes some genius points, has her own live tweet swag, and even compliments the hot players…

Proving she’s just like every other badgal watching the games!

Unfortunately, Ri’s yet to comment on the cannibalistic BITE seen round the stadium — but we’ve collected 10 of her other fantastic tweets to prove this Barbados beauty is down with the game…

One word. Dedication:

She’s got that whole announcer scoring thing down:

RiRi is all about World Cup fashion, and isn’t ashamed to show her Brazillian support:

She gets nervous – just like us:

And even has some insightful comments, with obvious Rihanna flare:

She’s a social media motivator for teams in need:

And calls them out when they’re struggling:

She captures really tense moments with extra O’s and exclamation points:

But best of all, she roots for the hotties! Anyone else think this player from Ghana looks like Chris Brown? Too soon?

[Image via WENN.]

Jun 25, 2014 11:11am PDT

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