Ireland Baldwin Has A Message For Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Her Relationship With Angel Haze…

ireland baldwin has some choice words for her haters

Looks like someone isn’t happy about what Angel Haze said the other day!

Ireland Baldwin has taken to her Twitter to let the world know that she is OVER people hating on her recently confirmed relationship with the rapper!

First, she hit at the haters who are trying to make it about the fact that they’re an interracial gay couple and that focusing on that aspect of the relationship is outdated.

It’s not like Angel referred to their relationship as exactly that…

But, we digress, she ALSO made it a point to say that her privacy should be respected, because DUH!

Oh, and that sometimes reporters “twist” words that were never said!

Uhhhh, what?!?

Her rant went like this:

Hmmm.. awkward! So, is she saying that Angel never told reporters that the couple “f*ck” each other? Or is she saying that they misquoted her and that Angel wasn’t actually talking about Ireland?!?

Regardless, we said it the other day and we’ll say it again, we LOVE these two together!

Who cares if their relationship isn’t “the norm,” love is love!

Do whatever you gals want!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 30, 2014 1:38pm PDT

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