$100 Million Transformers 4 Opening Weekend A LIE?! Find Out Why Some Say Paramount Made Up How Much Money Their Movie Just Made HERE!

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Transformers 4 became the first flick to have a $100 million opening weekend so far this year!

Or at least that’s what Paramount wants you to think!

But others in Hollywood say those box office numbers just don’t add up!

While the studio claimed that Mark Wahlberg and Transformers: Age of Extinction officially made $100,038,390 in U.S. and Canada ticket sales, experts outside of Paramount say that’s impossible.

Rentrak, the data reporting system used in the biz, tracked the over 4,000 theaters that showed Transformers this weekend. Their numbers have the blockbuster sequel raking in just over $97 million since Thursday night!

That’s still a HUGE opening weekend! But it ain’t $100 million!

So why would Paramount make up those figures?

It’s actually not just because they wanted their movie to have the biggest opening of 2014 so far! It could be because they wanted to save some employees’ jobs!

An insider at Paramount spilled that the studio was planning more layoffs if the fourth installment of the action flick didn’t have a $100+ million opening weekend!

So did someone boost the box office figures in order to avoid being fired??

Whatever the case, Transformers and Paramount made A LOT of money!

But maybe rather than telling us about all the cash they’re counting, they should focus on the absolutely AWFUL reviews this film is getting!

Because with a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, we doubt Transformers will break $100 million (in reality or Paramount’s imagination) next weekend!

[Image via Paramount.]

Jul 1, 2014 12:21pm PDT

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