Rich NYU Kid Belligerently Tells Concerned Citizen That His ‘Dad Owns Half Of F*cking Manhattan’

rich nyu kid belligerently tells concerned citizen that his dad owns half of f cking manhattan

Normally if someone said this, we’d be like, good for you.

But it’s obvious that this guy was full of it!

Was it his privilege? Or was it more that he was a wee bit intoxicated??

One citizen uploaded a YouTube video last week and explained that he confronted a group of inebriated young adults after witnessing them leave a brunch spot in New York called Pranna. When the group realizes they are being filmed, one youngster heads over to the video-taper and says:

“My Dad owns half of f*cking Manhattan…Tell me it’s your property and I’m gonna call the cops. Cause you think I don’t own the cops?”

He also says later on that:

“Do you want me to call f*cking Bill de Blasio on you right now? He’s a f*cking liberal but I’ll f*cking call him.”

The young curser was later identified as Gerry Shalam, an NYU student, whose father is a garment industry executive and his mother is an event coordinator — a well off family but surely not owners of half of Manhattan!

The video has since gone viral, and has even prompted a reply from the brunch spot they allegedly got their drank on. They tweeted:

We have a feeling that Gerry’s parents will NOT be happy with their son making himself an internet star in such a way, and we doubt NYU will enjoy watching one of their underage students make such a scene either!

Such a hairy situation for Gerry!

Check out the epic drunken video (below) !!!

Jul 2, 2014 8:01pm PDT

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