Whoa! Justin Bieber’s Only Been In Miami One Day & Already Things Are Getting VIOLENT With His Posse!

justin bieber friend khalil threatens to shoot people

Yikes! These are NOT the kind of people he should be hanging out with!

Justin Bieber was back in Miami, the site of his DUI, except his behavior was very different this time!

The Biebs pleased fans waiting for HOURS to see him by posing for selfies and being extremely nice to them!

Color us surprised!

However, his partner-in-crime (literally) Khalil couldn’t have been more different!

As he headed to the car, Khalil become very confrontational and started speaking at someone while also pretending to shoot them with his hand, continually pulling the pretend trigger.

That’s not ALL, though! He also was heard saying:

‘That’s how a n**** gets shot.’

He continued to say this over and over again while getting into the car with Biebs!

We wonder what Selena Gomez would say about Biebsy hanging out with him!

But, seriously, this is NOT a good sign that Justin is STILL hanging out with this kid!

Last time they got arrested together, and now he’s threatening people?!? What is next?!?!

NOT a good sign! Not a good sign at all!!!

[Image via Shots.]

Jul 3, 2014 11:17am PDT

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