Pippa Middleton’s TODAY Show Interview Has Upset Some Powerful People — The Kind Of People Who Run A Country!

royal family mad at pippa middleton for interview wit hthe today show

So, remember that interview with Pippa Middleton did on the TODAY show?

Ya know the one where she discussed being an aunt to Prince George and where her infamous dress (above) is located with Matt Lauer?

Of course you do, it just happened!

Well, apparently not everyone is happy with Pippa speaking out on American TV.

Is Kate Middleton mad at her little sis? Prince William? Prince Harry?!?!?!

NOPE! It’s much bigger than that!

APPARENTLY, the Queen herself is SUPER pissed that Pips spoke with the press!

Sources said:

“They are furious with Pippa. They wish that she would shut-up. It is obvious that she wants to define her identify and step out of her sisters shadow, however she needs to know her place.”

WHOOA! Harsh words!

However, apparently the Clarence House, aka the Duke and Kate’s home, signed off on the interview.

Which, DUH they did! Pippa is related to royalty!

We’re SURE they would make sure any interviews or dealings with the press are 100% approved by them!

They run a pretty tight ship over there!

[Image via Anwar Hussein/WENN.]

Jul 3, 2014 9:01am PDT

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