Sitting At A Desk Is Super Unhealthy… But Just One Hour Of THIS Can Make A HUGE Difference!

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It seems like science is always going back and forth when it comes to just how bad sitting all day is.

Like, we all know sitting for a living is bad, but is it really reallllllly bad? Or just pretty bad?

Some studies paint a very bleak picture of what sitting all day does to you and how there’s nothing you can do about it, but a new study, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, has shown us the light! There is hope!!

Basically, exercising has such an incredibly powerful effect on your body, that even one hour of physical activity can counteract six to seven hours of sitting!

It all makes sense because while exercise is great for you, sitting isn’t necessarily awful. It’s just when you’re sedentary for large parts of your day for many days out of the year that things start to add up, problems compound and your health is affected.

The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Jarett Berry, said:

“Even people who exercise regularly spend the vast majority of their time not exercising. And it appears that what we do when we’re not exercising is relevant to our health. Understanding this has the ability to shift the paradigm of thinking about exercise more dramatically than anything else in the field of exercise.”

So what’s his recommendation?

Move. Just move. Get up and grab water, go talk to a co-worker, literally anything. Fidgeting in your seat is even better than just sitting there, slouched over for hours!

Reading this at a computer right now? Were you just shifting in your seat? Good! Keep it up!

If not… get off your butt! For your health!

Jul 9, 2014 8:02pm PDT

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