IV Drip Bar Offers The Fountain Of Youth! Is This The Future Of Self Medication??

hangiver bar iv drip bar fountain of youth

When you’re feeling really sick or dealing with extreme dehydration, you can go to the emergency room and get hooked up to an IV.

Though without really good insurance it could easily cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

But not at The HangIVer Bar!

Dr. Uhuru Smith, a licensed Florida anesthesiologist, runs their very own bar where all the drinks are in IV bags and they go straight to your veins!

Dr. Smith said:

“The HangIVer Bar is a rehydration hub. It’s boutique style, spa-like, almost like a clinic.”

So crazy, seems like these places keep popping up!

Is this the newest celebrity fueled health craze??

There are options like the “Hair of the Dog,” most likely for those who partied a little too hard, and the “Fountain of Youth,” which we hope is the actual Fountain of Youth.

So, what’s in the Fountain of Youth? Dr. Smith said:

“The fountain of youth has our two most potent antioxidants which would be high dose Vitamin C and the glutathione together. With the two of those, we’ve seen the reversal of skin damage.”

Wow, those are some pretty bold claims!

They even offer a fat fighting injection and B-12 shots!

Sounds like IV drips are all the rage! Would U get an IV to stay young forever??

[Image via The HangIVer Bar.]

Jul 15, 2014 7:55pm PDT

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