This Iceberg Looks So Much Like Batman You’ll Swear It’s Photoshopped!!

batman iceberg

Holy Iceberg Batman!

We can’t believe that this picture is real, but it is!

This photo of an iceberg found off of the Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland, has been making its rounds online.

And for good reason, it’s uncanny!

Ever since Mike Parsons posted the picture to the Facebook group “Growing Up in Newfoundland,” people are amazed by the likeness to DC Comics‘ Caped Crusader.

Basically, the iceberg can be explained in one of two ways:

1. Mother Nature is really pumped for Batman Vs. Superman.


2. Dr. Victor Fries has officially turned into Mr. Freeze and is attempting to conquer the world!

Either way, consider us impressed!

[Image via Mike Parsons/Facebook]

Jul 16, 2014 10:31pm PDT

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