An Experimental Surgery Went So Wrong That This Woman Began Growing A Nose ON HER SPINE!

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A paralyzed woman and her doctors hoped that an experimental stem cell treatment would help grow back her damaged nerves and help her walk again.

Unfortunately, not only did the procedure not work, it made matters even worse!

Eight years after her surgery took place at a hospital in Portugal, this unnamed American complained of increased pain in the area. Doctors discovered she had a nose like growth developing on her back, mainly made of nasal tissue!

Dr. Brian Dlouhy removed the growth and said that this faux-nose was actually secreting a mucus-like material!


Not only did she have a nose growing on her spine, it was a runny nose!

Jean Peduzzi-Nelson, a stem cell researcher, says this outcome is far from common and explained that less than 1% of patients who have received this kind of treatment have experienced what this woman went through.

Peduzzi-Nelson said:

“I am saddened to learn of this adverse event, however, the incidence of this problem is less than one per cent. Many patients receiving this treatment have had remarkable recovery.”

We’re so sorry to hear this didn’t work out for this poor woman. But we wonder if she’s willing to try another surgery after such a horrific experience the first time around?!

Jul 16, 2014 9:21pm PDT

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