Are Daniel Radcliffe & Erin Darke On The Hogwarts Express To Splitsville??

daniel radcliffe girlfriend erin darke relationship problems

Are Daniel Radcliffe and his GF Erin Darke having trouble in Hogsmeade? Sorry, we meant “paradise”!

Despite looking pretty darn cute together, the couple’s relationship is reportedly on the rocks.

Celeb snoop Randy Jernigan is writing a tell-all about the Harry Potter star, and he says the couple is all but doomed.

And according to his info, it’s the classic problem for young couples. Randy says:

“Right now, Daniel’s career comes first, not romance and marriage. Erin was expecting more from him. She feels like she isn’t a priority in his life.”

Hmm. Daniel’s career is obvi of the utmost importance to him, that much is true. Just look how well he’s handling it, doing lots of different kinds of movies and plays.

But could that really be such a surprise to Erin? We mean, before she was his lady love, she was his co-star!

We’re not sure how good this info is, but we sure do hope it’s just hearsay.

They’re just so darn cute!

[Image via Andres Otero/WENN.]

Jul 17, 2014 5:02pm PDT

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