‘Overweight’ Runner Completes London Marathon, Proves There’s No Such Thing As Too Fat To Run

julie runner helps fat women start running

Julie Creffield is a blogger and jogger from the U.K. and she’s a fighter against inequality.

She uses herself as an example to prove wrong anyone who says that fat women can’t run marathons.

Basically, after struggling to get into shape and doing some short distance fun runs, Julie decided to buckle down and sign up for the 2012 London marathon.

What pushed her to do something so drastic? She said:

“I agreed to take part in a fun run, and about 30 seconds in I thought I was going to die. And as I kind of plodded around, huffing and puffing, some little kid said, ‘Oi! Fatty! Run!'”

That’s just awful! So pointlessly cruel! She’s just trying to improve her fitness, and someone put her down. So so terrible.

Thankfully, after signing up for that marathon, she dove into her training and finally successfully completed the race!!

She’s since gone on to create a new blog The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running which is an advice site for beginning runners. It’s so amazing and truly inspirational!

Check out the video (below) to hear Julie’s words of inspiration!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jul 17, 2014 6:02pm PDT

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