57-Year-Old Ray Donovan Actor Steven Bauer Is Dating An 18-Year-Old!!!

actor steven bauer is dating an 18 year old

Talk about robbing the cradle!

Ray Donovan actor Steven Bauer, who appeared in Scarface back in the day and also was married to Melanie Griffith at one point, is 57-years-old which is why we were astonished to learn that he’s dating an 18-year-old!

The new lady love in his life goes by the name of Lyda Loudon, and the two stepped out together at the Magic In The Moonlight premiere at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood this past Monday.

Not much is known about Lyda besides what she’s shared with the world on Twitter where her bio says:

“art-time nightmare-inspirer, journalist, host of Sarcasm Overdose, ceo, full-time wildchild, [and an] unsalvageable degenerate film/music/cigar/espresso addict.”

Writing about the event where she was spotted with her main main she wrote:

Magic in the Moonlight premiere one of the best I’ve ever seen. melted my nonexistent heart that’s how good it was. release date is july 25th & it’s good for the whole family go see it.”

Although her professional career is in question, Lyda does have a hand in a charity that’s associated with the Tea Party. On the website TeaPartyConference.org it says she founded the Tea Party Youth when she was 14-years-old and also says:

“Tea Party Youth, the only youth-founded, youth-owned and youth-controlled movement exclusively dedicated to the Tea Party’s future.”

Well, she definitely seems a bit mature for her age, but the gap between 57 and 18 is a pretty wide one!

But it is legal and we guess if they’re happy – we’re happy for them.

Although we’re not sure how long this relationship is going to last!!!

[Image via Daniel Tanner/WENN & Image via Instagram.]

Jul 27, 2014 12:01am PDT

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