America’s Fridges Are Too Big! They Drain Your Energy, Money And Are Probably Killing You

fridges are too big and unhealthy

Do you own a fridge? If so, is it a tiny, college dorm room fridge?

No, it’s a full size, regular fridge? We thought so… well, you may be interested to hear this:

Your fridge sucks.

It’s not your fault, most Americans don’t realize how inefficient and unnecessarily large their fridges are.

Basically, the average volume of a fridge is about 22 cubic feet, but fridges nowadays are regularly closer to the 30 cu.ft. mark, or even bigger! What’s nuts is in Europe, the average fridge is only 10 cu. ft.!

So because our fridges are bigger, they obviously suck up more electricity. About 50 gallons of gas worth of energy each year.

Aside from all of that, a large fridge has been shown to be bad for your health!

The bigger the fridge, the less healthy we eat. Basically, the more food we have in the house, the more we eat. It’s that simple.

What’s worse is we throw away about 25% of our food and drinks because we often just don’t get to them before they go bad! There’s just wayyyy too much in our fridges.

So do yourself a favor and consider downsizing your fridge. Your wallet and waistline will thank you!

Jul 30, 2014 8:31pm PDT

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