Kids Who Read Harry Potter Are More Likely To Be Accepting Of Homosexuality And Immigrants!

Harry Potter is fighting bigotry, one reader at a time!

We always knew there was a reason we loved Harry Potter so much, and that’s not just the butter beer talking!!

New studies have found that youngsters who read the popular books and indentify with the boy who lived are MUCH more likely to have positive attitudes towards LGBT people and immigrants!

If this all sounds like a bunch of nonsense to you, it’s not as crazy as you might think!

Researchers have drawn pretty obvious comparisons between the antagonist Lord Voldemort and Nazis due to the Dark Lord’s beliefs that “pure blood” wizards are superior to “mudbloods” and “muggles.”

Harry, on the other hand, is completely free of prejudice and has absolutely no problems associating with half-blooded wizards! Just look at his BFF, Hermione Granger!

It was also noted that Harry and his pals come across TONS of magical creatures such as elves and goblins, many of whom are forced to work in in poor conditions without making a whole lot of money! Sound familiar? In most cases, Harry and his friends do their best to communicate with these creatures and even help them out of their current situations!

So how does this all tie together? Well, researchers found that kids who related to Harry and his views in the book had no problem translating these same values to real life, especially when it came to LGBT people and immigrants!

We already knew Harry was a hero in the wizarding world, but who knew he would turn out to be one of the most influential gay rights and pro-immigration activists of our generation??

Jul 31, 2014 5:43pm PDT

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