Tampa Bay Players Troll Their Own Dress-Up Formal Road Trip With Perfect Dumb And Dumber Cosplay!

tampa bay rays formal road trip dumb and dumber outfit

Baseball is an incredibly boring sport to both play and watch.

JK! Please don’t hurt us, ghost of Babe Ruth!

But seriously, being on the road so much for a long, tough baseball season must get tedious. So the Tampa Bay Rays fight that boredom by doing a dress-up road trip!

Sounds like fun, with team members dressing in formal gear and being all fancy.

But teammates Jake McGee and Brad Boxberger had an incredible idea… they’d wear the blue and orange tuxedos from Dumb And Dumber!

The Rays shared a pic (above) of them on their Twitter and wrote:

“Our upcoming 10-game trip is the James Bond Formal Trip, but Jake & the Box are pulling off the Dumb & Dumber look”

Ha! It wasn’t just a normal formal, it was a James Bond theme??

That’s even more hilarious that they did Dumb And Dumber while everyone else was trying to be cool with the Bond theme!

Way to be unique individuals, Jake and Brad! Lookin’ great!

[Image via Twitter.]

Aug 6, 2014 4:02pm PDT

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