Toddler’s Overdramatic Response To The Sting Of A Band-Aid Loss Is Just About The Best Thing Ever!

toddlers life is over after losing band aid

Aww! Poor little guy!

He really didn’t want to take off that band-aid!

Robert and Mandi Reed of Alabama have been trying to get their young son Matthew to take a band-aid off his leg for what seems like forever!

Well, they were finally able to make it happen, but not without making the lil’ captain get dramatic on them!

And it was amazing!

Basically Matthew was trying to tell them that he CAN’T live like this and his parents got every single line from his over-dramatic response to the removal of a band-aid!

We feel your pain though, Matt! Those band-aids can sting when you get rid of them! Hope you’re feeling better!

Check out the ah-mazing video (above) !!!

Aug 6, 2014 11:40am PDT

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