You Know Those Selena Gomez ‘Nude Photos’ Floating Around? The Truth About If They’re Really Her Or Not Is HERE!

selena gomez nude photos are not her

Oooooopsie! Sorry to burst your bubble Bieber fan boys!

But those ‘nude photos’ that have been circulating of Selena Gomez are most certainly not her.

How do we know?

Well, aside from the obvious that they don’t look like her (even if they’re only from the lips down), her rep spoke out to drop a truth bomb on the world.

She said:

‘not her’

Well, that’s that! We’re glad the truth is out there now!

Especially because if the photos did leak, we have a feeling we know who would be behind it.

A certain jealous ex who seems to be acting more and more childish with each passing day…

Not to mention the fact that Selena is way too busy having fun with her little sister to do something like this!

But, seeing as they’re not Selenita, we don’t have to worry about that!

Aug 7, 2014 2:39pm PDT

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