25,000+ People Pack The Stadium To Welcome Back LeBron James! How Quickly They Forgive! Watch What He Promised The Crowd In THIS Video!

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Now THIS is a homecoming fit for a King!

LeBron James was welcomed back to the great state of Ohio this weekend by more than 25,000 fans who evidently have a horrible memory!

Regardless of the fact that King James abandoned the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2009, we guess these people put back on their #23 jerseys (if they didn’t burn them to a crisp 5 years ago) and came out to support their prodigal son.

Fans lined up outside of Akron’s InfoCision Stadium and waited over six hours in the summer heat in order to get prime seats to see the man they hope will finally bring their team the championship they├óΓé¼Γäóve longed for.

After a performance from Skylar Grey singing her hit song I’m Coming Home, LeBron made his way onto the stage to a roar from the crowd!

The King spoke to his loyal subjects, saying:

“I love you. I’m back. I don’t plan on going nowhere. It’s pretty amazing. I├óΓé¼Γäóm not gonna sit up here and say it’s not. To know you can do things for people, give them hope, give them inspiration. It means a lot to me. I understand I’m a role model. I understand to these kids I’m more than a role model. I’m a superhero to them. I’m a father to them. I’m a brother to them, whatever the case they want me to be on that particular day.├óΓé¼┬¥

Sharing the spotlight (a sliver of it, anyway) were some kids from James’s I Promise Campaign, which is part of his foundation that supports local children.

And his biggest promise is his pledge to stay in Cleveland now NO MATTER WHAT!

We sure hope so. If he flees from the Cleve again, all the police horse petting in the world won’t help those people get over losing LeBron for a second time!

You can watch King James’s ENTIRE homecoming speech (below)!

[Image via AP Images.]

Aug 11, 2014 9:35pm PDT

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