A Texas Teen Was Caught Living In A Walmart For Several Days Before Anyone Noticed! Here’s How!

A Texas teen decided to take a little camping trip at his local Walmart!

You know the movie Career Opportunities where Jennifer Connelly and Frank Whaley are forced to spend 24 hours in a Target and hilarity ensues??

Well this is sort of exactly like that, but instead of a Target it was at a Walmart!

A teenager in Corsicana, Texas managed to live in a local Walmart for several days before he was eventually found and returned to his family by the police!

The crafty 14-year-old apparently had two separate “campsites” in the store, one of which was hidden behind the stroller boxes in the baby aisle while the other was tucked away behind the paper towels and toilet paper!

He managed to live off of the food within the store and also allegedly had different clothing he would change in and out of to keep employees off of his trail!

One would think that going to the restroom wouldn’t be an issue since there ARE bathrooms at Walmart! However, the youngster was apparently so worried about being caught he wore diapers so he wouldn’t have to risk being seen! GROSS!

So how exactly did this innovative camper get caught?? Well, ultimately is was his trash that led workers right too him, and just like that the party was over!

It doesn’t appear that Walmart is planning on pressing any criminal charges against the teen, and that’s probably a good idea considering he just proved that the store has literally everything you’d need to survive for a week! That’s pretty good publicity if you ask us!

Aug 13, 2014 7:01pm PDT

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