These Three Girls Met When They Had Cancer Four Months Ago… Now That They’re In Remission, The World Gets A Re-Do Photo!

three girls with cancer photo redo

Simply beautiful!

You’ve seen and heard all about the before picture, now here’s the after!

A lot changed within four months for Ryley, Rheann, and Ainsley. These three very strong girls were battling cancer when they were gathered for a photo shoot in April.

Photographer Lora Scantling‘s famous photo was used to raise awareness of the struggle that many children and adults go through when diagnosed with cancer.

Fast forward to about four months later, all three girls are now in remission and Lora brought them back together for an updated photo!

The three adorable girls recreated their first photo this past weekend with bright and cheery dress, blossoming floral headbands, and happier expressions!

This is so touching! Stay strong, girls!

[Image via Goodger and Scantling Photography/Facebook.]

Aug 14, 2014 7:42pm PST

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