Beyoncé, Jay Z, And Blue Ivy Went To The Go-Kart Track And The Photos Are Awesome!

beyonce jay z and blue ivy went to the go kart track and the photos are awesome

Vroom! Vroom!

Beyonc├â┬⌐ had a heck of a time with her hubby Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy, and luckily for the world – she shared what happened with some killer pictures!

Queen Bey uploaded the photo this past Friday of the three at a go-kart track called K1 Speed in Torrence, California, and the pictures are everything we love about this family!

The three were there to celebrate a friend’s birthday party, and one adorable photo featured Jay holding Blue’s hand as they headed on over to the track!

The other photos features only Beyoncé and she looked FIERCE in each and every one of them!

Especially the one where she’s flipping the peace sign while sitting in a red hot go-kart! Girl looked ready to go!

In another one she stood in a crossed arms pose with her face covered and looking like she was about to pull of the sexiest robbery ever! The last photo had her standing on the winner’s podium because as we all know – she’s always victorious in everything she does!

We LOVE how cute and sexy this momma is and how much time she’s spending with her boo and daughter!

We hope it continues to be that way forever!

Check out the rest of the photos (above) !!!

[Image via Beyoncè.]

Aug 16, 2014 5:41pm PST

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