Matthew McConaughey Rocks A Retro Fanny Pack At A Boston Red Sox Game… And TOTALLY Pulls It Off! See The Fashion Forward Backward Pic HERE!

matthew mcconaughey fanny pack twitter doodle

Either Matthew McConaughey’s belt ate something or he has a friggin’ fanny pack on while out in public!


If this was your dad you’d be so epically embarrassed! But since it’s Matthew, it’s totally alright, alright, alright!

The 44-year-old Oscar winner was spotted with this retro accessory while out at Fenway Park for a Red Sox game!

Believe it or not, fanny packs are kinda maybe sorta making a fashion comeback! And with McConaughey coming out in favor of these wearable waistband storage compartments, it won’t be long before everyone is rocking one while out and about!

The only thing that could make the fanny pack even cooler would have been if Matthew caught a foul ball in it!

Oh wellz. Next game!

Looking good, dude!

[Image via Twitter.]

Aug 18, 2014 7:22pm PST

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