Taylor Swift Is A Ballerina, B-Boy & A Bubbly Cheerleader In Her New Music Video For Shake It Off! WATCH & Dance With Her!

We knew Taylor Swift was into dancing because of her various boogie down sessions during award shows

But an entire song about her flailing, and the groove of others?? BRAZILLIANT!

Cue the music vid for Shake It Off, which is Tay’s newest jam to hit the airwaves via her ABC and Yahoo! livestream today — featuring a slew of talented dancers, from cheerleaders to ballerinas, and more!

Ch-ch-check out the fun party song (above) and get down to Swifty’s awkward movements in the middle of some serious talent RIGHT NOW!

And since we know she’ll be performing at the VMAs and has a new album dropping on October 27th — there’s plenty more dancing to come. YAS!

CLICK HERE to check out all the deets on her new album and song!

Aug 18, 2014 5:58pm PDT

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