Justin Bieber Sued For His Destructive Actions! Paparazzo Won’t Let JB’s Bodyguard Get All The Blame!

justin bieber sued over assault

Is anyone surprised Justin Bieber is facing MORE legal drama??

We wish we could say we were, but it seems to follow him like a lost puppy.

And now a paparazzo, Aja Oxman, is coming after Biebsy boy to make him pay for allegedly sicking his bodyguard on him.

Back in 2013, the paparazzo was trying to take pics on the public beach of JB in Hawaii jumping off some cliffs. That’s when Dwayne Patterson, the Biebs’ bodyguard, supposedly assaulted Aja and destroyed his camera when he refused to delete the pics.

While the bodyguard was booked on 3rd degree assault and 4th degree criminal property damage charges, Aja thinks Justin is to blame as well!

Aja claims Bieber “enjoyed the beating” after ordering his bodyguard to do the attack:

“Go get his memory card and do whatever you have to do to get that card.”

This reportedly led to the bodyguard lifting the photog in a choke hold and slamming him onto the hood of a car.

Now, the lawsuit is being brought by attorney Sark Ohanian, and claims Justin destroyed the camera with his bodyguard.

Biebsy boy’s people have not yet responded, but we’re sure we’ll hear something soon!

Aug 20, 2014 12:42pm PDT

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