50 Cent Says He’ll Donate $750,000 If Floyd Mayweather Jr. Can Read ONE Page Of Harry Potter! Jimmy Kimmel Supports The Shady Challenge!

50 cent als ice bucket challenge floyd mayweather read one page harry potter book

Woooaahhhh! 50 Cent sure knows how to get under people’s skin!

The rapper posted a video for his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which basically just turned into a $750,000 donation IF boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. could read one one page from any Harry Potter book.

That should be easy for a 37-year-old person, right?

Well, radio show The Breakfast Club dug up some old audio of Floyd trying to do a read for their show, and it’s kind of painful to listen to (below)!

THEN things got even wilder when Jimmy Kimmel got involved! 50 explained the NEW challenge, throwing even more shade, saying:


Now the question is… will Floyd do it?! The man has a lot of pride, so only time will tell!

Here’s the thing, though: if Floyd really does have trouble reading, nobody should be laughing at it. This should be encouragement for him to try for a good cause, and maybe it’ll help him get to a reading level he’ll eventually be comfortable with!

We hope he does it, and we hope it’s a POSITIVE experience for him!

Aug 22, 2014 4:31pm PDT

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