Ariana Grande Is Clearing Up Those Gay BF Rumors! Break Your Heart Right Back Is NOT About Nathan Sykes Or Jai Brooks!

ariana grande break your heart right back rumors


Remember when Ariana Grande made headlines following comments that Break Your Heart Right Back was about an ex BF cheating on her with another guy??

Well, supposedly her words were all twisted!

Ariana cleared everything up in a new interview, saying:

“People took my quote and made a headline about it — I know what y’all do. I never said my ex. It wasn’t even an ex really, we were sort of dating for a minute. It wasn’t a big deal.”

Oh, okay.

She’s not taking it all back, though.

Ariana is still VERY sure that she would rather a guy cheat on her with another guy than another woman.

The songstress explained:

“It was kind of funny. I wasn’t like, heartbroken over it. I was like, ‘Ok, work. I think it’s less offensive. I think it’s great. I’d be like, ‘Great for you.’ But if it was a girl I’d be like, ‘Ok that kind of sucks,’ you know what I mean? … Either way it’s not cool, but I’d be less upset if it were a guy.”


No matter who it is, we think cheating is cheating, but to each their own.

Is it just us, or has this 21-year-old going from sweetheart to sassy??!

Regardless, we’ll keep listening to her catchy tunes on repeat! LOLz!

Aug 22, 2014 11:11am PDT

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