The Most Gracioius Little Boy Ever Receives A Cutting Board For A Gift Just To Test Him — And His Reaction Is The Best Thing

young boy gets gag gift from parents reaction adorable

This is so heartwarming, it just brings tears to our eyes!!

A young Argentinian boy was pranked by his parents on his birthday when he unwrapped a wooden cutting board they gave him.

His reaction to the gag gift was priceless and, needless to say, it sure shocked them! He was so grateful to his parents after unwrapping the gift and reading the card, he stood up and gave them a hug!

The beginning of the video where the boy receives his prank gift roughly translates to:

Kid: Oh, wooden board! (Smiles)
Dad: What does it say?
Kid: It’s nice, it is to put meat on it and cut it with a knife. Now I’m only missing a fork.
Dad: Yes, but what does the card say?
Kid: I’ve read it already. “For you to eat barbecue with your knife. We love you a lot mom and dad.” Thanks!
Mom: You can use any fork. (Hug.) I love you.

A bit of a plot twist, right?? What parent wouldn’t want that reaction from their own child?!

Raise your children right and hopefully you’ll have a child just like him!

Luckily for him, they had another gift waiting in the wings for the young boy and his response to that was equally adorable and definitely a tear-jerker!

Watch the whole video (below)!

Aug 23, 2014 12:02pm PDT

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