Miley Cyrus VS Taylor Swift: Whose VMAs Posse Had More Fun?!

miley cyrus vs taylor swift posse vmas

Man, last night’s VMAs were pretty CRAZY!

From Beyoncé absolutely shutting it down to Blue Ivy stealing the show with her cuteness, there were a lot of crazy things happening!

Taylor Swift adorably danced throughout the whole show and Katy Perry channeled Britney Spears, but we did notice one important thing…

You can tell that there were DEFINITELY two main superstar cliques that you would have wanted to sit with at the show last night.

It was either T.Swift, Lorde, Jordin Sparks, and Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus, KatyKat, and Sam Smith!

Taylor’s group was unequivocally enthusiastic about EVERYTHING and Katy’s were definitely talkin’ smack about some people.

The real question, however, is who had more fun last night?

Ch-ch-check out the GIFs of these two posses…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

miley cyrus katy perry sam smith 1

taylor swift demi lovato clapping along to 5sos(1)

miley cyrus katy perry talking together lol

taylor swift lord high five cam

katy perry miley cyrus vmas hug cam

taylor swift dancing alone in the audience lol(1)

miley cyrus katy perry sam smith lol what

taylor swift dancing alone everyone on phones(1)

miley cyrus katy perry enjoying themselves

taylor swift dances awkward in the audience lol(1)

katy perry miley cyrus talking riff raff background

jordin taylor lorde dancing lol

katy perry sam smith lol

taylor swift awkward dancing with lorde(1)

Bonus: Sassy KP asking Sam Smith who Fifth Harmony is LOL!

katy perry sam smith who are they lol


Aug 25, 2014 2:50pm PDT

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