Did You Miss The Emmy Awards Tonight? Just Want To Experience Them Again?? Here’s Your 2014 Recap — In GIFs!

amy poehler lol

If time truly is a flat circle, then we won’t mind reliving this night over and over again!!

Tonight’s Emmys were SOOOOO stacked that we didn’t really know what to expect — except maybe Jim Parsons winnning.

The guy has more Emmys than the man who makes them and keeps the “rejects” as he’s making them, like someone who works at Dairy Queen and loves free ice cream.

We mean, can you believe that Gwen Stefani didn’t spend hours practicing how to say Colbert Report??

Even if you saw it once, you gotta see the whole emotionally draining (in the good way!) night IN GIFs (below)!

When Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers tried out all their best attempts at announcing Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson? Boner jokes!

amy poehler seth meyers introducing matthew and woody

Billy Eichner hit the streets and proved once and for all that nobody cares about the Emmys.

billy on the street segment

Fred Armisen asked the hard questions.

fred armison questions segment lol 5

Melissa McCarthy asked the soft questions.

melissa mccarthy parking question segment lol

melissa mccarthy joke question segment 2

Andre Braugher took us back to middle school with his question!

questions funny segment lol 3

Julianna Margulies got a chance to ask what’s been weighing on her mind too!

juliana marguiles questions segment funny lol 4

George R.R. Martin got some much needed work done, probz murdering our faves.

game of thrones typewriter

george rr martin typing weird al lol

Jimmy Fallon revealed he knew much more about the Kardashian app than we thought he’d ever know!

jimmy fallon kim kardashian app

Julia Louis-Dreyfus got to second base with Bryan Cranston, and there wasn’t a dry lap in the audience.

julia louis dreyfus kissing bryan cranston lol(1)

Sofia Vergara‘s hourglass figure spun and spun and spun and we were done and done and done.

sofia vergara turny thing funny lol

sofia vergara turny thing 2

Jimmy Kimmel took some shots at Matthew McConaughey.

jimmy kimmel making fun of matthew mcconaughey

Seth Meyers opened the show and set the tone! Not bad, but no Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! Real talk!

seth meyers opening 1

seth meyers opening 2

seth meyers opening 3

seth meyers opening 4

seth meyers opening 5

Ty Burrell was the dad all men strive to be.

ty burrell funny joke kids

Weird Al gave lyrics to the theme songs that truly deserve some!

weird al game of thrones lol 1

weird al yankovic game of thrones lol 3

Oh, and Andy Samberg spoiled Game of Thrones for people who aren’t up to speed!

lena heady andy samberg pretending to be joffrey 1

lena heady joffrey andy samberg 2

Jimmy Fallon became Stephen Colbert‘s mouthpiece!

jimmy fallon accepting colberts award

Stephen Colbert’s wife was also his mouthpiece, but in a completely different way!

stephen colbert kisses wife adorable

Robin Williams was given a touching tribute by Billy Crystal.

robin williams memoriam

Sarah Silverman should’ve brought her Prada running shoes!

sarah silverman running to get her award

Lizzy Caplan‘s face during a camera cut error was EVERYTHING!

lizzy caplan cute face lolz

Julie Bowen looks like she had one too many just enough!

julie bowen drunk 2

julie bowen drunk 1

Gwen Stefani took a page out of John Travolta‘s book!

gwen stefani the colbore report screw up lol(1)

Ricky Gervais was a very humble loser. LOL. Not.

ricky gervais joke 1

ricky gervais joke 2

ricky gervais joke 3

Chris Hardwick thanked the trolls of the internet and then called them out for their biggest typos!

hardwick douche

hardwick spelling

Aug 26, 2014 12:01am PDT

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